The New Frontier: A Gentle Introduction to Rust

The Rust programming language is systems oriented language that has captured attention and love of software developers and proved to have a great adoption, having being voted the most loved programming language for the last three years in the StackOverflow Developer survey.

My session will be an introduction to Rust programming language for developers interested in the language, it's characteristics, strengths and real world usage.

The outline of my session will be :
- Why Rust:
* the problems it aims to solve.
- Rust's Defining Features:
* what makes rust Rust.
- Rust's Ecosystem, maturity and production readiness.
* areas where Rust application suits and the state of maturity, libraries and support.
- Real world Rust usage:
* show how Rust has been leverage in real world usage
- Where do I start: how to adopt Rust with your organisation
* next steps if you think Rust is a good fit for you.

Rust is a language that empowers everyone to write efficient and reliable software. It encourages fearless hacking and this talk is really meant to exemplify this! My aim to encourage fellow engineers to embrace it and reap from the benefits it brings.