Three Rewrites, One Startup - An Architect’s Journey

Picture this: you're a senior engineer at your company who, one day, is thrust into the architect role. Suddenly, you're having to think about things that you've never thought about - what's the difference between a microservice and a service bus? How do I design a scalable system for tomorrow without overengineering today?

Better yet, if you're at a startup, do all that - and still be responsible for code reviews, development, and coaching of junior devs. How can a fledgling architect possibly "do it all" - and more importantly, do it well?

Luckily, someone has gone down that path (and is still going)... and he's ready to share his story.

Attend Spencer's talk and hear about how he, as a senior engineer, had to grow into the architect role. We'll discuss the problems faced, the critical "decision points" he made from an architecture standpoint, the results of those choices, and how he helped guide the business through three architectural rewrites - all in a span of four years!