What is the point of Microsoft? 3.0

In 2015, at DDD SouthWest, I first considered what was the point of Microsoft, after it's demise was predicted by many wise beards, and some doubted whether they would be developing with Microsoft tools for much longer.

In 2017, I revisited the topic for Get.NET in Łódź. By that time, Windows Mobile was if not dead, mortally wounded and Microsoft was busy open sourcing almost every new project.

Another two years on, when the Microsoft market capitalization exceeded that of Apple for most of December 2018 (as well as exceeding Google, Facebook and Amazon) it's time to look at what lies in the future for Microsoft*, and whether by 2020 this session will no longer have a relevance.

This will be a subjective stroll across the competitive landscape of technology, how that affects developers and whether Microsoft will remain relevant in cloud, hardware, software and development environments.

*and github.com