Who's Who? Federating Identity with Azure B2C

Often, users of your system will already know who they are, or at least think they do. Making sure you know who they are and what they can do is pretty important too.

In this session Microsoft Engineer Andrew Coates will present techniques for allowing users to log into your system with credentials from another system. Using Azure B2C allows you to offload authentication to other identity providers while keeping authorization tasks local to your system.

Offload the hassles of lost passwords, expiring accounts and more, leaving you time to build and maintain the things that are important to your system.

Andrew will demonstrate the setup and configuration of this powerful identity federation system allowing integration of any combination of social identities such as Facebook or twitter, as well as organisational accounts like Active Directory and others. He'll also discuss the extension points allowing complete control of the identity system including rules-based identity flows and calling out to custom REST services as part of the claims processing flow,

If your system needs to include users from outside your organisation, this is a must-see session.