Workshop: Doing Docker DevOps Style - Part 2/2

This training introduces you to Docker and container technology for DevOps teams. We will show you how to apply DevOps practices to cloud-based container solutions, complete with hands-on exercises. The training uses Microsoft tooling and technology, but the skills you will learn can be applied in any technology stack. After the workshop you will be able to do Docker DevOps style.

Big picture: DevOps with cloud-based container clusters
Accelerating your inner development loop
From development to production in record-time with confidence
Monitoring and feedback while running in production
Automated provisioning of infrastructure

Understand the implications for DevOps teams to build, deploy and run container based solutions in a cloud environment.
Automate everything from infrastructure to deployment
Achieve full traceability from source code to production incidents
Practice finding and fixing a bug without downtime
Get hands-on experience supporting DevOps practices with available tools
Target audience

This training is intended for developers and architects that want to learn about the new DevOps practices and tooling for a cloud-based Microsoft solution.