Workshop: Featureban (Experience before explanation!) Part 2/2

During this Kanban workshop we are going to play the Featureban simulation game invented by Mike Burrows.

FeatureBan is a simple and quick simulation that introduces several of the key concepts of Kanban, including visualization, feedback loops and limiting work in progress and lets participants learn by doing.

Kanban is a Lean change method that promotes continuous improvement through incremental change.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction and Simulation Instructions
    (Time to setup the boards and ask questions)
  • Iteration 1: we start with visual management
  • Iteration 2: we introduce things like WIP limits
  • Iteration 3: metrics
  • Wrap-up: Q&A, comments

Learning Outcome

Participants will see how limiting WIP as part of a Kanban system produces flow. They can immediately use these concepts at their own workplace.

Target Audience

Facilitators, Coaches, Anyone wanting more focus and results.

Stop Starting, Start Finishing!