Workshop: Pragmatic unit testing now - Part 2/2

At the age of cloud and serverless, unit testing remains very relevant if not more so. Yet we keep seeing resistance and frustration around unit testing.

Bring a laptop with .NET Core, Git + an I.D.E. installed (e.g. Visual Studio Code). We will be coding in C# but the ideas are not tied to it. Plus the code project should be straight-forward enough. Paper programmers welcome too!
Slightly more reading for overachievers

For this workshop we

  • explore why that is,
  • expose disadvantages of questionable yet popular practices in the industry,
  • gradually address blockers to efficient unit testing
  • and advance a pragmatic & practical approach to application architecture and unit testing, which can help teams adopt quickly and benefit immediately.
A way of unit testing - and application architecture in turn - heavily influenced by functional style programming, but rarely promoted in the Object Oriented community.
  • Pursuit of purity in code: what, why and how
  • Deliberate and planned segregation of complexity
  • Separation of IO for cleaner architecture
Some of the techniques introduced in this session may appear unconventional at first look, but would prove productive and reasonable (even obvious) as we dig deeper.