Workshop: Save the plants with technology! Part 2/2

Just got a new plant? Hard to keep it alive? Let´s use technology to give the plant a long and happy life!

At this work shop you will learn how to solder your own gadget with a specific micro control unit. ESP8266. This unit became very popular when it offered WIFI, analog GPIO, and several digital GPIO gates at the cost of a few dollars. We will use this to solder terminals and connect with a moisture sensor. The programming is not very advanced, however it will teach you how to read data and share online for the data to be used for latter visualization. All participants will get a goodiebag to be soldered, programmed and brought back home. The goodiebag contains a ESP8266 micro controller, moisture sensor and a personally designed circuit board. Bring your own laptop, and to save time please download and install Arduino IDE to be found at Arduino´s home page.

In preparation to the workshop we recommend that you download the necessary software in advance.

We have created a guide here:

Follow Step 1-4 in the manual here: