Workshop: Xamarin File->New to on your Mobile device

Xamarin and Mobile apps may look and feel scary, how do I write C# code on my Windows/Mac machine to target a Mobile device from Apple or Android even the new Surface Neo/Duo?

What special skills do I need and how can I get my code running on my phone?

I have a killer idea that will take over the world, but I just don't know where to start?

Our company wants an App rather than a mobile ready web page so that it works offline, we need access to the device hardware like the sensors, but we don’t know how?
We don’t want to build an IOS app then an Android App we want to build a Cross Platform application, but we are a DotNET shop?

If these are questions you have pondered, then we will take you from File->New to running app on your device.

Along the way we will talk about the basics of a Xamarin Application and the development cycle including recent changes like Hot Reload and Hot Restart to speed up that cycle.

We will then finish with a look at AppCenter which is used to distribute your application to a test team so you can get that all important feedback on your killer idea.

Attendees will learn about and complete the following:
- How to install the required Visual Studio tools for Mobile development.
- Introduction to Xamarin and the templates like Shell and Xamarin.Forms
- Build out a working Application including the use of Xamarin Essentials to access the device hardware, for example the Accelerometer, GPS, Torch and Network stack.
- Package and build the application locally so you can run on the emulator and your own connected Device.
- Connecting your application via GitHub to AppCenter so that the application is built in the cloud and pushed to your test team every time you commit.

Skills and Equipment required:
- C# Skills to a beginner/Intermediate level
- Basic knowledge of XAML
- How to use GitHub tooling
- Pc/Mac for development work
- Mobile device Android or IOS