10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

Workshop: Experience interactive development while creating a REST service without a single restart - Part 1/2

Join us to experience what interactive (i.e. REPL-driven) development is about. Feel the joy of immediate feedback, growing your program in tiny increments, of restart-less development! You are likely used to the code-compile-restart cycle. Here you will code and play with a REST service without a single restart, talk to the database from your editor, and discover unexpected productivity.

Functional Programming

We will use a minimal subset of Clojure. You do not need to know anything about it prior to attending.

It is crucial that you prepare your PC before the workshop, see (though there will also be an in-browser dev env option).

Jakub Holý

I’m a full stack Clojure(Script) developer coming originally from the JVM/JS land, coding professionally since 2005.

During the years I have worked on projects large and small, long and short, local and international - and I have been scarred by too much legacy code. I care deeply about productivity (and thus Clojure and DevOps) and quality and enjoy sharing my discoveries on my blog. I come from the Czech Republic but live currently in Norway.