13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Workshop: Web development from the future - Part 1/2

Experience the lessons the Clojure community has learned about sustainable and productive development of real-world, full-stack web applications. See the dev productivity boost provided by locality, navigability, and excellent dev tooling, the value of a graph API, of a normalised data cache. You may never use Clojure but these lessons will stay with you.

Functional Programming

You will get a brief introduction to the concepts employed by Fulcro and we will then explore them in detail in a demo full-stack webap via a series of guided exercises.

Prepare your PC according to (though there will also be an in-browser option)

Jakub Holý

I’m a full stack Clojure(Script) developer coming originally from the JVM/JS land, coding professionally since 2005.

During the years I have worked on projects large and small, long and short, local and international - and I have been scarred by too much legacy code. I care deeply about productivity (and thus Clojure and DevOps) and quality and enjoy sharing my discoveries on my blog. I come from the Czech Republic but live currently in Norway.