Room 6 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

10 things you didn't know EF Core can do

You won't believe number 7!


I know, the clickbait joke is rather lame, but I can assure you that this session is not! In this session, I'll take you on a journey in some lesser known features of EF Core and how they can benefit your projects.

In the .NET 8 era, EF Core has far surpassed what Entity Framework used to be, and has become an ORM powerhouse with features that are useful in many different scenarios. But unless you are constantly keeping up with the latest evolutions, chances are you are missing some opportunities to improve your EF Core usage in your projects.

And as the audience, you will have a say in some of the content of this session!

Hannes Lowette

Hannes is a developer, a coach and a father of 3.

In .NET development, he has always had a passion for performance, databases, distributed systems and large scale applications. But most of all, he likes playing devil’s advocate in technical discussions by drawing the ‘it depends’ card.

As a coach, he is enthousiastic about knowledge sharing, personal growth and building careers. All this while keeping in mind that the pace needs to be sustainable.

In his free time, when he’s not building LEGO® castles with his kids, he likes to spend time building guitars, playing chess or poker, tasting whisky and doing all round geeky stuff.

You can occasionally find him on an afterparty stage at PubConf or with Dylan Beattie & the Linebreakers.