Room 3

10:20 - 11:20 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

A continuous fairytale

Once upon a time there was a team that dreamed of delivering to production so fast that the features flew through the different stages of development. They were delivering eight times a year to production, and each step in the process took several weeks. The features were enormous, and the stess built up towards the end of each delivery. When we started to use a container based platform, developers could deliver to production themselves and vital changes to our processes were initiated. Testers and developers had to think differently and everyone was engaged, from operations and developers to product owners and testers. Everything was new, so of course obstacles emerged. The features were too big to be delivered in a short time frame, we used a lot of time building release versions manually, and we tested every new feature manually due to lack of automated tests. This is a story about a continuous journey in software development and all the challenges that it included. How did we manage to go from delivering eight times to production in a year, to delivering daily? How has the change from using in-house appservers to a container based platform, and extending our CI/CD pipeline improved our processes? How did the whole team from customer to supplier work together to change their work processes? Come and hear about our continuous journey to "happily ever after".

Oda Hoem

Oda works as a software developer and enjoys working with backend java. She is curious about new technology and has a desire to always learn and improve. In teams, she thrives when code and architecture is discussed so that together we find the best solution.

Tina Christin Syversen

Tina works as a test manager and loves securing the quality of different systems. She has a passion for quality and tries to inspire other to improve their quality processes. In a team she contributes where it is necessary, either it is in sharing her domain knowledge, improvements of processes or a little programming.