Room 6 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

Accessibility - how to get the job done in a highly collaborative manner

Accessibility is one of the more complex sides of our work. The fact that it's regulated by law doesn't make it any easier. What's really exciting is that it's highly cross-functional. No designer or developer can do the job alone. So, how do we do this?


After an intensive period working with some of our customers to meet the new regulations effective from February 1st, we'll share our experiences and some key-takeaways. How we came together - designer, developer and customer - and got the job done.

Kjersti Krokmogen

Kjersti is a frontend developer, curious and forward thinking. She's a firm believer in sharing knowledge and practice as the way to become a better developer, team and organization.

Frank Dahle

With 24 years of experience, Frank Dahle is among Itera's most experienced designers. He discovered digital accessibility in 2008 while working on the national project eResept - Mine resepter. Since then, he's taken a particular interest in this part of the UX design profession. He frequently arranges internal accessibility learning events for his colleagues in Itera. Besides accessibility, he's specialized in designing complex case-handling systems. And yes, he can fly.