Workshop Room 1 

13:40 - 14:40 


Workshop (60 min)

Adapting to the Unexpected: Embracing Change with Confidence and Creativity

Life is full of change, both big and small, and how we react to them can significantly impact our well-being and success.

Soft Skills

In this workshop, you'll flex your spontaneity muscle and discover tools to help you cultivate a mindset of adaptability and resourcefulness, enabling you to embrace change and uncertainty with confidence.

Through interactive exercises, discussions and real-life scenarios, you'll learn how to navigate unexpected challenges effectively. Whether you're facing a sudden change in plans, a curveball at work, or a new role, this workshop will equip you with the skills to respond calmly, think on your feet, and turn the unexpected into an opportunity for growth. Don't let life's surprises derail you – join us and learn to thrive amidst uncertainty!

Jessie Shternshus

Jessie Shternshus is the owner and founder of The Improv Effect and is committed to helping individuals, teams, and companies reach their full potential by helping them break free from conformity and adapting to our rapidly changing world. With her interactive and inclusive exercises, Jessie inspires a shift in mindset and creates collaborative environments that empower people to be their best selves.

With a focus on connection, curiosity, trust, and play, Jessie has been a driving force behind internal training and coaching for global organizations such as Netflix, The United Nations, PGATour, Tyson Foods, Ocean Spray, HP, Transferwise, Macy's, The Department of Defense, Getty Images, Adecco, CapitalOne, and many more.

As the co-author of "CTRLShift: 50 Games for 50 *** Days Like Today" and "No More Meetings: Unlearn 'bored room' Practices to Change the Way We Connect," and the co-creator of the game Together To Gather, Jessie is passionate about embracing more effective and engaging ways of working. With her dynamic approach and infectious energy, Jessie has also been a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences worldwide.