Room 2 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

“Adding accessibility” made it worse - but why?

Accessibility is becoming a significant topic in the next year, as US and European laws are forcing a lot of industry fields to adjust their websites to become overall accessible.


However, product improvements are always first, and features must be released, so let’s add some accessibility in the end, right?
Totally no! Let’s go through the process of what it takes to make a website more accessible. We will understand certain pitfalls and typical mistakes developers make when working on accessibility and see how to improve accessibility without starting our whole project from scratch.

Sabrina Jodexnis

Sabrina is a Software Engineer focusing on web maps and accessibility. Her big dream is for every application to be accessible one day. She is also a GDE in Web technologies and the Co-Founder of the Social Developers Club.