Room 5 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Advanced HTML for Performance & Accessibility

HTML is not just the foundation we build on, it's vital in making our websites accessible, usable and performant.


We'll explore how we can make the most of our HTML elements and attributes to improve the performance and accessibility of our website and applications as well as boosting the efficiency of our development process.

All by using a technology we are already use day to day, but just using it better than we were before. At the end of the talk you'll be able to make things more useful and useable, not just for performance and accessibility but for our users and different technologies as well.we

Mandy Michael

Mandy is a multiple award-winning Front End Developer, previously Engineering Manager for the news organisation Seven West Media in Western Australia, she now works as a Staff Software Engineer at Hireup. She speaks at conferences and events locally and internationally sharing her work and experiments with new and old technology.

Mandy is an avid supporter of local communities and a strong advocate for women in technology, volunteering at events across Australia. She is the Founder and Organiser of Fenders a local Perth meetup for Front End Developers, previously Director of Mixin Conf, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Microsoft Regional Director and in its inaugural year, in 2018, was named one of the Top 20 Women in Tech in Western Australia.