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10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

AI for Inclusive Society - Responsible AI

When models will feed models, imagine what kind of biases and factual inaccuracies and hallucinations. In short we will be living in the delusional world created by the filtered data collected by the systems and applications.

Big Data
Machine Learning
Soft Skills

Data is fuelling AI and AI is fuelling our systems and applications at the core. In this scenario, AI fluency is a must across organisation weather you are a CEO or a graduate.

Why AI Fluency?
When each individual in the org. is aware of how AI is leveraged in their org than it is easier to pin point if the AI is being used in responsible manner.

What is responsible Manner?
It means that you are designing solutions worthy of trust with these principles:

FAIR - treating all stakeholder equally and not reinforcing stereotypes and biases;
TRANSPARENT- i.e. understandable for users;
ACCOUNTABLE - which means the people who design and deploy the solutions must be held accountable for how they operate;
RELIABLE- performing safely even in a worst-case scenario;
protect people’s privacy and security, and
INCLUSIVE - of everyone, regardless of ability, and invite people to provide feedback.

Whose responsibility is it?
Responsible AI is a shared Responsibility of every individual either you are in the production or the consumption side.

When still at responsibility, what about inclusivity? Does t come under the same umbrella?
1 billion people are affected by disability in one or the other form. While we are hoarding the data, are they represented in the statistics? Are they in the data, the same data we are using to fuel our systems and applications.

If we are not Intentionally inclusive than we may end up being unintentionally exclusive. Inclusive and Responsible AI starts with AI fluency.

Yashoda Singh

My guiding principle is "AI for People & the Planet" emphasizing the positive and sustainable impact of artificial intelligence on both people and the environment.

Building data and ai community in Norway by providing an open-minded platform for genuine conversations. A place where ideas and opinions, success and failure stories are not just welcomed but celebrated, allowing for exploration and, when needed, thoughtful questioning.