Room 7 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

Building Distributed GraphQL APIs

In this talk, we'll dive into distributed GraphQL APIs and explore their potential to offer unparalleled scalability in both performance and team collaboration. We'll illustrate how decentralizing control of the graph to individual teams allows for efficient development, deployment, and management, minimizing conflicts and boosting productivity while retaining all benefits of a unified API.


This talk aims to equip both experienced developers and GraphQL newcomers with valuable insights into constructing and managing scalable GraphQL APIs in a distributed setting.

Michael Staib

Michael is a member of the GraphQL technical steering committee, a Microsoft MVP, and the author of the Hot Chocolate project (, a platform for building GraphQL servers and clients in .NET. This open-source project has been his main focus for the last couple of years.

Apart from his work in the open-source community, Michael works as a consultant to help companies move to GraphQL. You can tune into the Hot Chocolate project on youtube:

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