Room 3 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Closing the documentation gap with

Documentation. Always outdated and in places no-one actually works on a daily basis… To address this issue we have implemented (from Spotify) in our organization. With Backstage we are able to gather information that is spread across Azure (and beyond) in one place. A clever solution for a modern day organization where teams can (automatically) document their applications where they develop them, in their repository.


In this session we show you how to get started with and the simple steps we have taken to gather information from GitHub, Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Service and other (Azure) services.
You can expect some YAML, Azure Bicep and Git along the way.

Martin Ehrnst

I am a Microsoft Azure MVP, working in 'fintech' as a lead technical architect at Vipps.
For more than a decade I have worked with infrastructure management, automation, and monitoring. As this traditional role is changing fast, I am focusing my community contributions around the new IT-Pro role, where code meets operations. I regularly share on my blog, social media, conferences, and user groups.

Bastiaan Wassenaar

Bastiaan is an experienced IT infrastructure guy and Microsoft MVP who focuses on Microsoft Azure and software architecture. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Bastiaan now lives in Norway and works as an independent consultant. He is a big supporter of the “work hard, play harder” movement (if there is one…) and enjoys exchanging knowledge and experiences with others.