Room 1

13:40 - 14:40 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Death by downtime

Downtime is always bad, but for critical health services it can be a question of life and death.

Software Design

HelseID is the national OAuth2 hub that secures most of the critical health API's in Norway. If we go down the services ranging from prescriptions to critical patient info may be unavailable and this may quickly cause irrecoverable damage or even death of patients.
In this talk we will explain how we have built our service to be highly available and resilitent to outages in the external services that we depend on. We will talk about our strategies for development and deployment, the technologies we use and plan to use and the architecture we have chosen.

Rune Andreas Grimstad

Writes software for fun and food, very interested in security and healthcare. Have spent the last several years digging into the OAuth2 and OpenID Connect protocols for web security.

Dag Helge Østerhagen

Dag spent large parts of his youth in front of a Commodore 64 and various Amigas. Since the late 90s he has had the privilege to focus on the art and craft of professional software development. For the last 5 years the focus has been software security, in particular the challenge of determining exactly who the man behind the machine is.