Room 6 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Developing resilience for the future of work

With the rise of AI and automation, how do we as humans find our value in the workplace? How do we work with these new technologises? How do we build resilience to changes? What skills are needed for us to thrive in this new world?

Machine Learning
Work Skills

People have often felt apprehensive about change, especially big changes to the way we work. It happened in the industrial revolution and now it's happening with the rise of artificial intelligence. Five years ago these things existed, but now they are accessible to almost everyone. In this session I'll cover:
- why people want to work
- why it's important for us to have a place in the world
- what skills are needed for the "future of work"
- how we build resilience, problem solving, and critical thinking

Michelle Mannering

I am a highly motivated, curious and compassionate leader with a keen interest in driving entrepreneurial culture and pioneering Melbourne’s esports industry. I have founded several tech companies and, as a result, sits at the forefront of this city’s science, tech, esports and startup scenes.

Everyday I get to create awesome experiences and engage with the vibrant GitHub developer community. I've run many hackathons, and am an accomplished MC, speaker, and facilitator. You'll often catch me at an event or speaking on stage!

In my 'spare' time I'm a streamer, journalist, and always working on something exciting ⚡

Hackathon Queen®™ | Founder | Esports Queen