Room 4 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Distributed Async Await • A new programming model for the cloud

Modern cloud-based applications are composed of countless concurrent, distributed processes pushing traditional programming models past their breaking point.

Programming Languages

Distributed Async Await, a new programming model for the cloud, extends the simplicity of async-await to tame the complexity of the cloud. Building on the foundations of functions and promises, Distributed Async Await enables “simple code that just works”.

In this talk, we will explore the theoretical and practical foundations that makes this elegant approach possible. Gain a comprehensive understanding of async-await, functions, promises, and the vital concepts of concurrency and coordination in distributed systems. Take away actionable insights on how to replicate the delightful developer experience of traditional applications as you craft cloud-based, distributed applications.

Design and develop cloud applications that are not only scalable and reliable but downright delightful to work on. Transform the way you approach cloud computing.

Dominik Tornow

Dominik Tornow is CEO and founder of Resonate HQ, Inc. Dominik focuses on correctness, reliability, and scalability of distributed systems. He is the author of Thinking in Distributed Systems.