Room 1 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Domain Driven Design in practice - how to draw your domain boundaries IRL

Domain Driven Design is a popular principle in many companies, but how do you draw your domain boundaries in practice?

Work skills

After a fundamental re-organization of both the org design and architectural principles, and Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces got to rediscover and redraw our domain maps. A horizontal business organized around functional areas had changed to a vertical business - while also merging 4 marketplaces into a shared Nordic company.
In this talk, you will see a case study of how we combined historical domain boundaries, a new Nordic org with a mix of familiar and unfamiliar teams, a new business direction, and vertical business units with independent strategies into a new domain map to support short and long term goals.
How did the map evolve over time? How did the approach differ between vertical business units, and how did it change to accommodate new stakeholders?

Vilde Opsal

Vilde Opsal is the Principal Engineer for Real Estate in Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces (FINN, Blocket, Oikotie). She studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford University before developing applications for game developer Wooga and streaming platform SoundCloud in Berlin. The last few years, Vilde returned to her roots in two ways - relocating to her native Norway and diving back in to systems thinking through architecture and engineering leadership. She's passionate about storytelling and learning new things - the latest being sign language and how to describe wines.