Room 1

10:20 - 11:20 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Down-to-Earth Cloud Scaling

Drawn by promises of extreme scalability, there is a growing push to move resource-intensive systems into a cloud-native environment. Gone are the restrictions on storage and computing power, yet these projects often find themselves still struggling to support the high loads they originally promised. In an environment where the sky is the limit, why do we end up stuck in the mud?

Cloud Native

From architecture and technology choices to general software development processes, this talk looks at some of the common mistakes that can keep a scalable cloud-native system from growing to its full potential. Learning from five years of real-world challenges building large-scale cloud-native systems, we look at a few common themes that have reappeared across different industries and multiple cloud platforms. With a focus on practical tips and potential pitfalls, this is practical advice for experienced developers adopting new technology.

Meg Gotshall

Meg is a technical lead at FotoWare, designing and developing a scalable cloud-native storage and indexing system for digital media. Two decades of hands-on software development with a focus on API design has nurtured her passion for creating extensible and maintainable codebases. Now a veteran of multiple cloud-native systems, she has learned to also apply these qualities not only to the code, but to the infrastructure itself.