Room 3 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

High Optionality Programming: Architectural Choices That Mitigate Technical Debt

"High Optionality Programming" - the practice of paying a small design & programming premium today in order to avoid a massive accumulation of technical debt later. This is a technique we've succesfully used at large scale in our previous business and in the businesses of many of our customers. The key to implementing high optionality programming correctly is to assess the likelihood of a future change to your system and to plan for its eventuality in advance when it's cheap to do so: early on in the software development lifecycle.

Work skills

In this talk we explain the concepts behind high optionality programming, offer some case studies of how it's been used successfully, and introduce the techniques that actively curb the long-term accumulation of technical debt in software projects.

Aaron Stannard

Aaron is the founder and CTO of Petabridge, and the co-founder of the Akka.NET open-source project. Prior to Petabridge, Aaron founded MarkedUp Analytics, a real-time in-app marketing and analytics service used by 1000+ developers. Prior to that he worked at Microsoft as a Startup Developer Evangelist.