Room 6 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

How complex software impacts your cognitive abilities

Software has the unfortunate characteristic to grow unbridledly complex over time. Requirements change, features get abused and every odd season there's a new fashionable framework to try. Future proofing software is a highly complicated task with an unpredictable return on investment.

Soft Skills

But what happens if our future selves responsible for the ongoing development happened to be a scaled down version of the current team, a more junior version of ourselves, or maybe we now have to deal with a chronic illness instead. Could we still do our job to satisfaction? What does this tell us about the code we're working on, about inclusivity on our teams, and perhaps even about our understanding of the problems we're solving?

During this session Corstian presents a case to make software development boring once again. To be able to think about the problems we are actually trying to solve. To achieve more, with less: presented through practical examples.

Corstian Boerman

Corstian treats the cognitive load associated with software development as an accessibility issue rather than a sign of virtue. His goal is to empower teams to improve their productivity by cutting away the cognitive overhead associated with a project.