Room 3 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

How do I help my son? Revisited!

This is a confession! Before the pandemic we travelled the world with the talk “How do I help my Son?”. But our autism-coaching and communication continued. We learned that we believed stuff that was not true. Grab a coffee, take a seat and look at how we revisit our own talk with insights from during the pandemic and the first year after the pandemic!

Work skills
Soft Skills

Hello, my name is Ivette. I am Dennie ’s mum. I am going to tell you a story. As you know it’s not always easy to imagine the life of a young developer- entrepreneur. Dennie ’s autism makes the situation even more spicy. Hi, I am Dennie. I’m a developer-entrepreneur and I am quite ambitious. We have found a way to understand each other, even if we live in another world. Via communication, adding sometimes a bit more reality to dreams, Dennie and Ivette are building a strong relationship. Our expertise - we call autism-coaching - helps us to secure boundaries and keep motivation. We show you our way of communicating and are sure that our approach can also be used by people without autism to protect you against burnout, bore-out and depression.
We can’t wait to revisit this with you! And yes, there will be some puns on our own thoughts!

Dennie Declercq

Dennie is Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies and has experience in accessibility with Microsoft technologies. In daily life Dennie is president and developer at DDSoft, a nonprofit that connects IT to People who are less tech-savvy. Dennie invented technical solutions and systems to help people with disabilities to participate in their daily life. Thanks to his autism he's the right man at the right spot to contribute as a volunteer in function of people with disabilities.

Ivette Marchand

I am Ivette and in fact my world is very different from developers. I am just a mother of a son with autism. In 2018 my world has opened. I was a guest at NDC Oslo and I saw Dennie for the first time of my life how he really is in his world. This opened my mind!
My dream is to help people with autism and developer’s who are going over their boundaries for any reason. Also I am very spiritual and want to tell the world how we can help people with love and understanding.