Room 3 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

Lean Mean Green Machines - Architecting for a Greener Future

Few industries have moved fast enough to support the energy transition, and that includes the tech sector. How will software development and operations have to change to meet the sustainability and green needs of the planet?

Soft Skills
Work skills

Operational efficiency may not be the most glamorous option to build green software. However, this talk will try to convince you it is a practical and achievable step that almost everyone can take to build greener software. Not only that, we’ll argue that in many respects it kicks the butt of the alternatives.

This talk will cover how to architect green software, including the difference between carbon aware and carbon efficiency. Sustainable software is not so nascent anymore and all the major hyperscaler cloud provider have something to say about what a well architected, sustainable system on their platform is, which we'll take a peak into as well.

Sara Bergman

Sara Bergman is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Development Center Norway working as a backend engineer with people experiences in the Microsoft eco-system. She is an advocate for green software practices at Microsoft and externally. She is an individual contributor of the Green Software Foundation. Sara is a co-author of "Building Green Software," O'Reilly's new book on the actions the tech industry needs to take to handle the energy transition and build green software.