Room 4 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Let's build event store in one hour!

During the session, I'll show how to build your own event store with Relational database as the storage. What's more I'll do it in only 1h!

Software Design

While building you'll learn and understand all the intrinsic details of how Event Sourcing works, so:
- storing events,
- getting back the state,
- read models (snapshot, projections).
- etc.

All of that, in the end, will be connected to real-world app with DDD and CQRS.

Oskar Dudycz

I'm a developer, technical team leader, and architect. I started a career before StackOverflow existed. For over 14 years, I've been creating systems close to the business process. I believe that Event-Driven Architectures and Event Sourcing are great ways to achieve that.

I'm an active open-source developer and one of the Marten library maintainers. I'm sharing my journey and findings on my blog and practical samples at