Room 6

16:20 - 17:20 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)


Talk 1: Let none survive! - How to test our unit tests with mutation testing - Stefan Pölz
Executing the very short development cycle of test-driven development requires discipline and practice.
However, the .NET ecosystem offers us a wide variety of tools to support us in authoring a high-quality suite of unit tests, defending our production code against defects.
In this short session, Stefan is showing how mutation testing can further improve the effectiveness of C# test suites by testing our unit tests with mutation testing, and how to continuously integrate it with Azure Pipelines/GitHub Actions.
Let's kill some mutants!


Talk 2: Leveraging Stream APIs within Service Worker - Majid Hajian
The Streams API provides an interface for reading or writing asynchronous chunks of data, only a subset of which might be available in memory at any given time.
The API helps to enhance UX both in a SPA or MPA (Multi-page) architecture. Using the Streams API within our service worker makes that possible. Workbox Streams abstracts the details of how streaming works.
In this short talk, you will learn how to leverage the powerful Stream to enhance UX and boost the web page's performance.


Talk 3: Enrich your projects with LowCode magic - Rui Santos
In this session you will learn the possibilities of using Power Platform in your projects. If you often develop API, Data structures, UIs, Mobile/Web Applications and others this session will introduce you the usage of LowCode to speed up your Azure Cloud resources with application that anyone could build.


Talk 4 : Nerd sniping myself into a rabbit hole... Streaming online audio to a Sonos speaker - Maarten Balliauw
After buying a set of Sonos-compatible speakers at IKEA, I was disappointed there's no support for playing audio from a popular video streaming service. They stream Internet radio, podcasts and what not. Well, not that service I want it to play!

Determined - and not knowing how deep the rabbit hole would be - I ventured on a trip that included network sniffing on my access point, learning about UPnP and running a web server on my phone (without knowing how to write anything Android), learning how MP4 audio is packaged (and has to be re-packaged). This ultimately resulted in an Android app for personal use, which does what I initially wanted: play audio from that popular video streaming service on Sonos.

Join me for this story about an adventure that has no practical use, probably violates Terms of Service, but was fun to build!

Stefan Pölz

My passion is to practice Clean Code and test-driven development in order to build maintainable software in an ever-evolving team, supported by tools from the .NET Ecosystem. I love to attend and speak at public developer events and author open source projects, complementing my expertise in professional software development.

Majid Hajian

Majid is a Google developer expert and passionate software developer with years of experience building complex web and mobile applications. His passions are Flutter, PWA, and performance. He is an award-winning book author and instructor at PacktPub/Udemy and Pluralsight. He is also the organizer of several big Nordic conferences and meetups. He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing and speaking, having workshops and video tutorials, contributing to open source, and organizing meetups and events.

Rui Santos

Make humans get along with technology

Maarten Balliauw

Maarten Balliauw loves building web and cloud apps. His main interests are in .NET web technologies, C#, Microsoft Azure and application performance. He is Developer Advocate at JetBrains. He's an ASP Insider and former Microsoft MVP. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events and organizes Azure User Group events in Belgium. In his free time, he brews his own beer. Maarten's blog can be found at