Room 5 

12:40 - 13:40 


Talk (60 min)

Lightning Talks 1

Lightning talks (approx 10 minutes each)


Talk 1: The Magic of .NET MAUI Handlers - Sweeky Satpathy
This lightning talk will walk through the different options developers have to create cross platform controls with .NET MAUI using Handlers! Handlers are super flexible and can be used in many different ways and at different levels that you app requires! Mappings and Handlers work together to create great cross platform features for your .NET MAUI app!

Talk 2: Green Code Experiments - Kent Inge Fagerland Simonsen
It is not always easy to know what is the greenest or most efficient way to write code that accomplishes some goal. Because of this we end up relying on our intuitions and habits which sometimes leads to less than optimal solutions.

In this talk you will see how you can easily create small experiments that reduce uncertainty about the greenest way to code without putting your next deadline at risk. We will also look at examples of this with some, possibly, surprising results.

Talk 3: Building a Home Server Using Kubernetes on Old Laptops: A Sustainable Approach to Minimizing E-Waste - Karl Solgård
This session is a deep dive into the practical application of k3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution, on older, bare-metal hardware to create a valuable home server setup. It's designed for enthusiasts looking to recycle their old laptops or desktops into something useful, reducing e-waste while gaining functional experience with Kubernetes.

Talk 4: An introduction to the WebAssembly component model
This talk will introduce you to the WebAssembly component model.

WebAssembly is a platform neutral compilation target. With the component model, the interface between your platform and software is no longer tied to operating systems, and processing architectures, but can include a much higher-level abstraction, e.g., an HTTP request/response platform.

This is not too different from working with a platform like AWS Lambda, but because of WebAssembly components, you get to choose freely between the programming language you want to use. This is one of many use-cases WebAssembly components will give you, as a software developer, or platform provider.

The objective of this session is for the attendee to understand how the component model works, and what benefits it gives developers.

Sweeky Satpathy

Sweekriti is on a mission to preach best practices in mobile app development to the world, and make testing cool again. Her passions for programming, Lego, music and food have taken her from Mumbai to San Francisco, with stops in Dubai and Boston along the way.

She is currently a software engineer with the Mobile Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft, where she primarily focuses on cross-platform mobile applications written with Xamarin (but also moonlights in DevOps automation tool development). She helps organizations create good mobile architecture, write thorough test suites and automate their DevOps workflows. She has an M.S in Computer Science from Boston University, where she dabbled in computational audio and video wizardry, among other things.

In her free time, Sweekriti enjoys playing video games, stirring up concoctions in her kitchen and geeking out over the latest in science fiction. She’s always up for a rousing conversation about exciting new tech, Star Wars, Doctor Who and music!

Kent Inge Fagerland Simonsen

Kent Inge has been working with Software Engineering since 2005. In that time, he has contributed to numerous projects and systems. He has also published several academic and a couple of opinion pieces on various topics in Software Engineering. His is currently interested in, and working on, how to make the developer community emphasize the "greenness" in software products more.

Karl Solgård

Karl has over 10 years of experience in software development and has in-depth knowledge about designing software in the cloud.

Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj

Mikkel Mørk Hegnhøj is the head of product and developer relationship at Fermyon. He has a long background in product management, customer success, and developer engagement at Microsoft, working on products such as Service Fabric, Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Instances, and the open-source project Virtual Kubelet. He’s passionate about developer and operator experiences, with a mission to make the path from idea to reality frictionless and quick. Mikkel lives in a tiny and beautiful village in Denmark.