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15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Work skills

Talk 1: A Performance Test on Steroids! - Jens Hordvik
Whether you are fresh out of school or an experienced developer, we have all made a mistake at some point at work. But despite the negative connotations of the word, making a mistake is not necessarily a negative thing. Mistakes provide experience. Mistakes create innovation. Having room for mistakes is essential in the workplace. To create room for errors it is important to share. During this talk I will tell a fun, lighthearted story of one the mistakes I have made recently and show how much trouble one supposedly innocent API-request can cause.

Talk 2: Mixed Reality check - Scott Leaman
What is the state of Mixed Reality in 2023, and how did we get here?

Starting with an accelerated history of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we will look at the current state of the art of Mixed Reality in terms of hardware and software/services, and have a look forward to the near future to see what is just around the corner for this relatively new medium.

As Microsoft, Meta and Apple carve out their own respective visions for the future of Mixed Reality, it's never been a more important time to stop and take a look at how far the technology has come, and where it might take us in the future

Talk 3: The Principles of Green Software - How Green is Your Application? - Sara Bergman
Climate action and green software engineering has risen to the top of many technology companies' agenda. But where does one get started? The Principles of Green Software are a core set of competencies needed to define, build and run green sustainable software applications. Through the synthesis of this knowledge, a Green Software Practitioner can make decisions which have a meaningful impact on the carbon emissions of their applications. This session will give you the tools to take an active part in the climate solution.

Talk 4: An insight into modern fraud methods - Brynjar Steinbakk Ulriksen
Learn about modern fraud from a security developer!
How can we still have fraud in modern Norway today and why can't we just stop it?
Experience how fraud is carried out in Norway today and what is done to stop it.
In this presentation, I will go through how Norwegian bank customers are being scammed today, what the scammers are after, typical scams and how we work to combat it.

As a security developer and part of the Incident Response Team, you have an exciting daily work routine with both prevention and live action when fraud occurs.

Jens Hordvik

I have been working as a tester in the consultancy firm Itera in Oslo, Norway for the past three years. During those three years I have worked on different projects for a variety of customers. Currently I am working for a large customer in the financial sector where I am hired as a technical tester for one of their core systems. Here I mainly work with implementing synthetic testdata, API-testing and test automation.

Scott Leaman

Scott Leaman is one of Europe's foremost experts in Mixed Reality (MR) consulting, a Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality, and the Mixed Reality Lead for Sopra Steria Norge. He has been using VR/AR/MR to bring value to the enterprise domain for many years, based on a background of 18 years IT consulting experience in Australia, America and Europe. He has been building software for the Microsoft HoloLens since 2015, and has long experience with development, design and project management for Mixed Reality projects.

Sara Bergman

Sara is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft working in a team which owns several backend APIs powering people experiences in the Microsoft eco-system. She is an advocate for green software practices at MDCN and M365 and a member of the Green Software Foundation. When not working you will most likely find her hiking or gardening.

Brynjar Steinbakk Ulriksen

Brynjar is a full-stack developer with an interest in Azure, DevOps, security, and integration. He has worked on security solutions at Equinor and currently is a part of the security team at Sbanken. In his free time, he has won two coding competitions in Stavanger, achieved the Azure DevOps expert certification, and played an active role in various roles in sports, stock analysis, and organization and management.