Room 5 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

LLMs in Action: How Norkart Leverages AI for Smarter Property Development

Understanding what you can build on a property means navigating and making sense of complex property regulations and laws, and can feel as bewildering as finding your way through a maze in the pitch dark.

Machine Learning

At Norkart we are involved in a series of innovative research projects aimed at developing a system capable of extracting specific information from these complex tapestry of regulations, helping both architects, property owners and the municipalities.

We're eager to share our journey through the technology that's revolutionizing this domain:

- Leveraging large language models to sift through and interpret vast volumes of text.
- Employing multimodal models for interpreting documents (OCR) and maps
- Investigating the potential of Retriever-Augmented Generation (RAG) architectures.
- Comparing the effectiveness of GPT-4 against specialized Norwegian models, embeddings and tokenizers.
- Refining prompting strategies to enhance model performance.

Join us as we delve into the exciting technologies used to solve the key pain-points toward a better digital process for property construction.

Mathilde Ørstavik

Mathilde is the head of geospatial AI at Norkart. She has a broad experience in applied Ai on geospatial data, and she enjoys sharing her vision and inspiring audiences at the intersection of geospatial data and artificial intelligence.

Malte Loller-Andersen

Malte is a passionate machine learning engineer working for Norkart, operating in the geospatial domain. Through various projects for big Norwegian companies, he has gathered knowledge about data engineering, machine learning and MLOps.

In addition to diving deep into the technicalities, Malte enjoys sharing knowledge and holding talks at various conferences. Since starting his career he has held workshops and talks at several international conferences, and he will continue doing exactly that until a global pandemic stops him. If a global pandemic even can stop him!