Room 5 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Monorepo – How to do frontend faster, better and safer

At Norkart, we have a wide range of products and a history dating back to 1961. With such a large portfolio, it can be challenging to keep our systems up to date with our desired DevSecOps, technological, and universal design practices.


Moreover, we often find ourselves re-creating the same components across different applications. The adoption of monorepo (built with NX and React) has helped us overcome these issues.

We are just at the start of our monorepo journey, having used it for most of the new frontend-applications built the last 2 years but we are convinced that adopting monorepo as a companywide standard for frontend development will enable us to make frontend applications faster, better, and safer.

Hear about our experience, challenges and ambitions and discover how monorepo can benefit your own development process.

Kari Meling Johannessen

Kari Meling Johannessen is 3 years (almost) into her professional career as a as a full stack system developer at Norkart. In 2020, she graduated with a master’s degree in geomatics and ICT. This fall, Kari will be leading a new team responsible for Norkart’s Frontend Monorepo platform.