Room 1 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

.NET 7 API diff

Same procedure as every year: The latest .NET release packs new features. Lots of new features. These include C# 11 and (of course) new and improved BCL and framework library APIs. The updated versions of these libraries expand our toolbox further to aid us in solving engineering problems while also offering general performance improvements.

Programming Languages

.NET 7 contains Generic Math (comprises many numeric interfaces and members), plenty of additions to Hardware Intrinsics, improvements to Regular Expressions + a Regex source generator, facilitation of C# 11's Required Members, better interoperability (e.g. JavaScript), polymorphic JSON serialization, a new ADO.NET abstraction (DbDataSource), TAR file format support, enhanced Immutable Collections, additional and faster LINQ, and much more.

So let's checkout the most prominent types and members in .NET 7 and put them to the (unit) test.

Stefan Pölz

Stefan's passion is to practice Clean Code and test-driven development in order to build maintainable software in an ever-evolving team, supported by tools from the .NET Ecosystem. He loves to attend and speak at public developer events, co-organize local community gatherings, stream live programming sessions, and author open source projects, complementing his expertise in professional software development. As Microsoft MVP (Developer Technologies), JetBrains Community Contributor (.NET) and co-organizer of, it's his ambition to share knowledge about everything C#.