Workshop Room 2 

15:00 - 16:00 


Workshop (60 min)

Part 2/2: First flight in Figma

Have you ever wanted to get better aquainted with Figma? This workshop is meant for developers with little or no experience with the tool, but would like to. You will learn about frames, components and prototyping among other useful concepts. During the workshop I will also be share from my experience and tell about my shortcuts to design with Figma. We will be working in a Figma-board I have made - each participant will have their own copy to use as reference after the conference.


After the workshop, you will be able to make simple sketches and prototypes, and have insight into Figma's ecosystem.

Figma is a tool for UI design, where developers and designers can cooperate on projects in real time. Figma is used by a majority of software developer businesses, and is often called "The google docs of design".

Bring your own PC. I recommend downloading Figma beforehand, but Figma can also be used in the browser.

Vegard Hesselberg

Har jobbet som designer i 2 år, og vært innom prosjekter som Wata/Flomrespons, Innbyggerkontakt og Oslo kommune. Jobber nå for Skatteetaten og *Veien videre fra Altinn 2*.

Over gjennomsnittet interessert i Figma og hvordan man kan bruke det til å knytte sammen design og utvikling.