11:40 - 12:40 


Workshop (60 min)

Part 2/2: Artisanal HTTP - or HTTP by hand

In this workshop, we will dig into HTTP 1.1 - the Hypertext Transfer Protocol - from the ground up. We will iterate on the problem of communication between computers, starting by typing text in a terminal on one computer and sending it over TCP/IP to another computer. We will gradually build on this, and before you know it, we are talking to HTTP-savvy programs like browsers. Along the way, we’ll introduce tools such as netcat, curl, jq, wireshark, nginx and k6.


Our goal is that you should understand the capabilities of HTTP better, be able to design solutions that use the capabilities of HTTP to its potential - and have new tools and tricks you can use when troubleshooting.

The format will be highly interactive, so bring a laptop. To run the workshop locally you need a Linux terminal of some sort (For example WSL2 with Ubuntu on Windows, a Mac or a real Linux box). The workshop also works in the browser by using GitHub Codespaces. If you would like to do the workshop in a pair, bring a friend - or let us know and we can hook you up with someone. For those that prefer to work alone, it is perfectly fine to talk to your own browser on your own laptop, too.

Bjørn Einar Bjartnes

Architect/developer at 4Subsea, working at 4insight provides key decision support to onshore and offshore personnel for Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind operations.