Room 8 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

Riding the wave of complexity

I'll start by discussing what complexity is, its role in the world today and why I believe software developers are key for understanding and dealing with complexity.

Soft Skills

Afterwards, I'll present a perspective to dealing with complexity. Amusingly enough, it is simultaneously as simple and hard as anything can be. I'll be exploring natural human responses that might be working against you and how you can overcome them to finally ride the wave of complexity.

Markus Fanebust Dregi

Markus Dregi is currently spending his days leading an amazing software development department in Equinor. Prior to this he was a team lead and developer making software for studying the uncertainty of complex systems in Equinor.

Markus Dregi is passionate about programming, algorithms, mathematics and computing at large. And he is often amused by their beauty and intrigued by their impact. He started writing software during high school and has not looked back since. He has presented at numerous international conferences and workshops and thought multiple courses at university level. He holds a PhD in Algorithms from the University of Bergen and a Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Oslo.