Room 2

15:00 - 16:00 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

Take control of your cloud environment using IaC with Pulumi

If you cannot rebuild your complete environment with one command, I would argue you can't trust your deployment. That is why using declarative infrastructure is so important.


If you use a declarative infrastructure as code tool, like Pulumi, you will be able to both spin up your environment as well as take it down with just one command. If you have this in order, you will be able to run a more cost-efficient cloud environment and make it easier to follow potential governance policies.

Infrastructure as code is not a new concept by any means, but Pulumi is still new for a lot of people. At Elkjøp Nordic we use it not only to spin up environments, but also as the foundation for a self-service web application we have built. In this presentation full of examples, I will share our experience so far, how to get started using Pulumi and show some of the more advanced features.

The goal for this presentation is that you as a developer or operations minded person can go back to your employer and feel comfortable in using Pulumi to spin up not just your environment, but also how you can connect environments together using Pulumi. Areas that I will cover are configuration management, secret management, references between environments, pulumi concepts and basics, and some of their automation api.

Tomas Jansson

Tomas Jansson is developer who likes everything from programming languages to infrastructure. He has been a central figure in the Oslo .NET scene before having too many kids. After 10+ years as a consultant in Norway and Sweden, and 4 years in a startup in Oslo and New York he is now spending all his working hours at Elkjøp Nordic to build a more robust and scalable commerce platform.