Room 2 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Testing strategy for your ASP.NET Core micro-service

Software developers are always required to to rapidly develop new features without sacrificing quality. As software grows building and deploying and increasingly complex codebase becomes difficult and error prone.


As automated testing is becoming increasingly complex and unit testing is not enough to test systems built out of multiple micro-services each using databases, other services as well as cloud native and 3rd party solutions. To Succeed you will need a clear testing strategy that would will drive quality without slowing down development.

In this talk I will show you the different kinds of automated tests for your ASP.NET core micro-services, how and how to write them to create consistent and effective test harness that would guarantee your project's success.

Dror Helper

Dror is a senior solution architect working at AWS. In his current role Dror assists companies migrate to the cloud and modernize their existing code.
He has been writing software professionally for more than a decade, during which he has worked for industry giants such as Intel and SAP as well as small startup companies. He has extensive knowledge of many programming languages and platforms including C++, assembly, .NET (C#/VB) and Java.
Dror is a Pluralsight author and public speaker. He is an expert in agile methodologies and software engineering practices.
In his blog ( Dror writes about programming languages, software development tools, clean code, cool programming languages and anything else he finds interesting.