Room 6 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

The Chips and Pickle Story: What's Really Behind Infamous, Historic UI Failures?

Even the smallest design flaws can have a seismic effect on business. Yet dev teams continually miss the little things. Why? Join me on a tour of seemingly insignificant interface design quirks (and the larger flaws behind them) that have changed history, caused mass panic, otherwise upended society, and completely ruined my sandwich.


Because screens are central to modern life, our day-to-day work has monumental purpose and value. We banish interface rage, help businesses save and make serious money. We keep people safe from disaster and yes, pickles.

We'll explore why small interface problems are never the whole story behind historic (or mundane) UI failures. You'll come away with a stronger sense of purpose in the smallest details and broader context of your important development work.

Dean Schuster

Dean Schuster has been envisioning and creating human-centered digital products since the advent of the commercial web. He is founder and owner of the user experience strategy firm truematter, leading the team to help national and international organizations change the way they do business online. He travels all over the world to speak and teach, mentoring professionals and challenging teams to a higher standard for digital experiences.

Dean is also an avid ultra-marathoner and trail racer, often found in out-of-the-way places, including Antarctica.