Room 5 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

What comes after Git? or, Building a cloud-native version control system in F#

Git is 17 years old, and although it's dominant in 2023, Git's UX is challenging (to say the least) and nothing in our business lasts forever. There are multiple projects exploring what might come next.

Functional Programming

Grace is one of those projects: a new, open-source, cloud-native version control system, written in F# and using Dapr, that aims to make version control easy to use, easy to understand, and powerful by using modern cloud services to deliver scale and performance.

Join me for a look at a blank-sheet redesign of what version control might be, including modern features that help keep you in flow and connect you in real-time to the rest of your team. I'll talk about my journey with F#, why it's a great language to use for this work, how relying on open-source has accelerated the project, and what problems I've dealt with (and rewritten code for) along the way.

Scott Arbeit

Scott Arbeit is a Technical Architect at GitHub, with 30+ years of professional experience. He’s been a programmer since age 11, spending significant time as a developer, network administrator, database expert, and consultant. These days, he focuses primarily on .NET and Azure, and is writing a new, open-source version control system called Grace. When he’s not making computers do stuff, he’s usually out taking a walk somewhere around Seattle, learning something on YouTube, watching baseball, or spending time with friends.