Room 1 

11:40 - 12:40 


Talk (60 min)

“Wouldn’t it be cool…” and other bad design approaches

Most app development teams are still learning how to do UX design and creative product development. In this session, we’ll see some examples of the mistakes that come from an immature understanding of design, ranging from development of the F-35 fighter jet to creation of Microsoft’s Story Remix in 2017.


We’ll start with the danger of the phrase “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” as a red flag for potentially bad design, and then look at other ways developers and designers can be disconnected from their users and customers. This session injects humor into a tutorial on how *not* to do innovative design, along with alternative design techniques that promote innovation with value and resilience. Whether your team uses formal design or not, you’re really doing design when you create an app, so here’s your chance to avoid some serious mistakes while doing it.

Billy Hollis

Billy is internationally known for his work on user experience design, design thinking, and native software development. His team, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has created modern apps hailed around the world for innovation and effective use of advanced user interface technologies. Billy has been a Microsoft Regional Director for 25 years, was a Microsoft MVP for 15 years, and was named a Software Legend in 2002. You can see Billy at major conferences all over the world, usually doing sessions to help developers to become more focused on designing and developing software that users love.