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Anthony Nicols

Exams Director of Technology and Delivery

Having spent over 10 years in senior digital agency delivery roles, working with clients in the energy, telecoms and automotive industries, Anthony made the leap to the public sector joining the British Council in 2018.

Despite hoping for a quieter time, old habits die hard, and inevitably, as Exams Director of Technology and Delivery, he was charged with disrupting the status quo.

He believes that transformation is only possible when the organisation is ready and wants to change; with the groundwork firmly in place. He’s passionate and fascinated by architectural innovation, coupled with an employee and customer first mentality.

Despite a Prince2 project management up-bringing, once he’d seen the agile light he couldn’t really understand why he or anyone else would work another way.

Outside of work he enjoys navigating two small children, DIY, music and cooking, his speciality being eggs.

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