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Nelly Sattari

Engineering manager @Atlassian / Microsoft Azure MVP

What fascinates us, engages us and what engages us, helps us to learn.

Stories told with enthusiasm build connections. They build trust and help us interact with greater engagement and creativity for stronger technical solutions.

Nelly Sattari loves problem-solving and is passionate about driving minds to engage with technology. She is a computer engineer and IT Engineering Manager based in Sydney, Australia and has spent her entire career involved in the IT industry.

Her focus is modern web applications, and she is indebted to her full stack development background and the knowledge she gained there. This experience led her to being awarded the Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

Inclusive, local IT communities are her favourite playground and where she facilitates knowledge-sharing platforms, supports user groups and nurtures beginner expertise, while steering clear of buzzwords for a more practical and tangible approach.

Come and join Nelly in an armchair-like, story focused conversation to unpack familiar, yet often undiscussed, problems that will unveil new and thought-provoking solutions.


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