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Ruma Maharjan

Educator | Volunteer Operations Manager @ NDC Code Chautari

Ruma has been a part of a movement that advocates  education equity for the past seven years. Soon after her undergraduate in Social Work and Psychology she started off her journey with Teach for Nepal as a teaching fellow in one of the rural communities of Nepal where she served for two years. She then joined Teach for Nepal’s staff team as a recruiter of teaching fellows. Currently she works as an Events Manager at Teach for Nepal and voluntarily manages operations and school coordination for NDC Code Chautari project.

Apart from this, she is a  fitness enthusiast and a yoga practitioner. Ruma has a keen interest in poetry, theater, and creative writing. Since her days as a teaching fellow, she has produced plays and poems that voice the struggles of underprivileged children. She strongly believes that all forms of inequities and biases can be resolved only when every kid attains a quality education that enables them to reach their potential despite their backgrounds.

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