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Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson

Microsoft MVP / Principal Software Engineer at Lucinity

Stefán Jökull has been a professional programmer for over 20 years, although he wrote his first BASIC program on an old Amstrad CPC 464 way back in 1986. He is a Principal Software Engineer at Lucinity in Iceland where he focuses on API design and observability. He has a lot of experience with systems that require attention to details and have high customer impact. He also maintains the open-source aspect of Have I Been Pwned with Troy Hunt.

Stefán is also a Microsoft MVP, a member of the .NET Foundation, and specializes in all things .NET with a focus on performance, security, and analytics/telemetry.

When he's not working, he enjoys time with the family, working on OSS software and having the occasional beer when meeting fellow developers.

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