16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

Part 1/2: Kids Workshop - Scratch It! Kids Learn to Code - Ages 8-12 yo

In this workshop, kids will learn how to give instructions to a computer using the MIT Scratch programming platform. They will be introduced to the Scratch interface and code blocks, and will learn how to use them to create a simple game.


NB! Seats are limited, and all kis have to sign up to attend.

LINK -> SIgn up here

Number of seats: 20

Who should attend:
This workshop is for kids:

  • Age 8 to 12
  • With basic English language understanding
  • With basic Computer skills like mouse operations, browsing the internet, navigating a website etc.
  • With zero (or very basic) programming knowledge

Computer setup:
Participants need to bring a laptop with the following installed:

  • Google Chrome browser
  • Scratch Desktop, required in case the internet goes down (

Amrit Puri

Amrit is a Computer Engineer turned Educator who believes in impact-based work. He is currently involved as Project Lead for NDC Code Chautari where he designs and delivers after school classes for the students of public schools in Nepal, focusing on Computer Literacy, Computer Programming and Computational Thinking. He is also pursuing a Master’s in Technical and Vocational Education and Training at Kathmandu University.

Previously he has worked as a Software Engineer at Cloudfactory, Science Teaching Fellow at Teach for Nepal and Content Generation Team Lead at Karkhana. He has a passion for diverse learning and wants to be a “jack—of—all”. This has led him to be a self-taught portrait sketch artist, graphic designer, guitarist, cajonist and a photographer among others.

In his free time, Amrit likes to read blogs and articles on random and diverse topics, make random logos and graphic designs and play guitar. His current research interests include Digital Divide, Self-directed learning, Minimally invasive education, Hands-on and maker based classes and alternative fluid learning spaces.

Ruma Maharjan

Ruma has been a part of a movement that advocates  education equity for the past seven years. Soon after her undergraduate in Social Work and Psychology she started off her journey with Teach for Nepal as a teaching fellow in one of the rural communities of Nepal where she served for two years. She then joined Teach for Nepal’s staff team as a recruiter of teaching fellows. Currently she works as an Events Manager at Teach for Nepal and voluntarily manages operations and school coordination for NDC Code Chautari project.

Apart from this, she is a  fitness enthusiast and a yoga practitioner. Ruma has a keen interest in poetry, theater, and creative writing. Since her days as a teaching fellow, she has produced plays and poems that voice the struggles of underprivileged children. She strongly believes that all forms of inequities and biases can be resolved only when every kid attains a quality education that enables them to reach their potential despite their backgrounds.